Do What Suits You


This is a bold outfit. There’s no mistaking; the ASOS ‘Floral Vintage Jacquard’ suit is bold. I love bold outfits, but even for me, this was a risk. Maybe that’s why I chose to shoot it in a photo shoot setting as opposed to street style with eyes on me and curled lips expressing “that’s certainly a fashion choice – snigger snigger”. Or maybe, the photo shoot in itself was the risk. It was shot by someone I had never worked with before, in my old university; a place I had a love/hate relationship, in a scenario I had never before found myself in. Yet, I ended up working with an amazing photographer (whom you will find links to below), getting over any nerves and actually enjoying something I’d never done before. Afterwards, I realised, all these conversations I have with myself, trying to talk myself out of something, is actually just an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to trust my gut instinct (the instinct in this case that was telling me I needed to be more creative and to set up a shoot) and an opportunity to prove someone wrong. Even if that someone was myself, I damn well know if theres someone I need to prove wrong about what I can do, I will be spurred on to achieve it.


In my eyes, that is exactly what fashion should be about. It’s about proving to the world that you can be feel fear, or eyes glaring at you, or even just that “but can I pull this off?” feeling but instead choose to be creative, unique and find joy in what you’re passionate about. I came home that evening to an attentive “so how was it?!?!” from my boyfriend, to which I proceeded to lark around posing ridiculously in explanation to my sassiness, to which we both laughed hysterically. This was all a part of it, because it means I can laugh at myself. I can look at myself in the amazing two-piece suit in all it’s over-the-top-goodness and say “damn, I look ridiculous…YES!” In fact, I can’t wait to wear it again, this time out in actual public, and I don’t care what people think when they see a giant floral seventies furniture shop owner walking towards them, because quite frankly, I think I look good, and if that’s what seventies furniture shop owners look like then I think I know my calling!



It turns out, some people just don’t appreciate eccentricity in style. But often, it’s not about the eccentricity, it’s about the assumption. If a man turns up to work in a gloriously loud floral shirt and mustard socks, who is to comment that he isn’t absolutely working it while working damn hard at his job? I’ll tell you who – the person who isn’t having their own slice of fun and is instead hiding behind hating on everyone else’s choices.



For this post, my choice in question is indeed the boldest outfit I’ve dared to wear (and that’s probably saying something…) I had this jacquard effect floral blazer and trouser suit stashed away in my saved items list on ASOS for long time. I loved it, but as suits aren’t the cheapest, most ‘throw-away’ items you can buy, could I really warrant buying something that I may never had the guts – or the occasion – to wear? I then made a decision. I decided to order the suit, because I was obsessed with it and kept refreshing it to the top of my saved list before it ran out of time, and set up a photo shoot because at least then I couldn’t call it a waste of money. The plan was concocted and I no longer had to worry that I would be buying an outfit that would never see the light of day – and I’d have photos to prove it! What I didn’t bargain for, was the future plans of how I was going to wear it again and again. I was hovering over it so many times on ASOS before buying it, wondering how I could justify it, that I didn’t expect to be hanging something so bold and different in my wardrobe and then planning all different ways to wear it. It turns out, versatility is what you make it, and as long as you channel confidence, you can wear what you want, how you want, and feel as good as you want! I was a child that always needed to be told: “mind over matter”. It’s about time, I started acting on it…and this suit is the perfect place to start.



Thank you to the amazing Jodi Chupka for working with me for the photography on this post. Please check out her photography instagram page @jodichupkaphotography; her work speaks for itself!!



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