Making the most of the Men’s section


Fashion is expensive, I think we all know that by now. With that in mind, it’s important to get the most out of your wardrobe, but if like me you aren’t into minimalism which can then allow you to pick a whole wardrobe of basics that can be worn in numerous different ways, you’re going to struggle. I like my clothes to make statements left, right and centre and each day I wake up with a different mood when it comes to what kind of fashion trend/mood I want to channel into my outfit that day. This is where women’s fashion can sometimes falter; making the more statement fashion of good quality so much more expensive. If you want to invest in your wardrobe and pick pieces that will stand the test of time and the test of your love for it, but still be unusual and channel your individuality, then the prices can escalate pretty quickly. Menswear of the same ilk seems to be a different story, so us females should get in on the trick and make the most of the menswear section.


With regards to shopping in the men’s section there are three key areas I always hit up: outerwear, t-shirts/knitwear and shoes. While shoes can be a little tricky if you have smaller feet than a UK Size 6 (being a size 5 I often shamelessly head over to the male youth section), the outerwear and t-shirts/knitwear varieties of menswear is always a winner for me. T-shirts in particular are often statement and bold without the femininity of statement prints. Menswear does it differently, baggy and relaxed shapes (I’m particularly keen on the ol’ longline dip hem tees) are simple but pack a punch with the heavy responsibility of logos and slogans to tune into the customer’s individuality. Similarly, men’s outerwear often has such cool, casual shapes that are so easy to wear but the detailing is always there to make it feel like a special piece you are spending your money on. I can always rely on mens coats and jackets to channel the chill, more tomboy mood I often find myself in for day-to-day wear, with strong slogan-ing and contrasting but simple colours. Menswear isn’t fussy in the slightest but can also completely transform a look.




My favourite retailers for browsing the mens section has to be H&M, ASOS and Forever 21 which is where I picked up this amazing coach jacket. These stores and online shops are perfect examples of how when you’re after that statement piece to finish an outfit, your bank balance will thank you for shopping the men’s section. This Forever 21 coach jacket (which you can find here) was under £30 yet the quality is second to none and the ‘Invincible’ sketch is distinct and adds a streetwear/masculine touch to an otherwise simple outfit. I spent ages deciding between this coach jacket and 2 others because there is so much choice for such reasonable prices.



Of course, womenswear such an abundance of choice but I find even the pieces that are made to look more masculine, edgy, urban, etc. are still softened by feminine detailing. Sometimes that is exactly what I want, but sometimes I want the full effect and this is when I can pass up pieces such as this jacket. I have barely worn any other jacket since and it just transforms so many pieces in my wardrobe that it really goes to show that when you want to revamp your wardrobe into a more ‘capsule’ collection, knicking a few gems from the boys can go a long way.




So there’s my secret. I guess it’s really no wonder after my long phase of making my mum buy me boys skater t-shirts as a child, no pink dresses for me thanks!


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