Trend Chat: Microbags



Microbags should be a bugbear for me, as someone that likes to know I have everything I could possibly need while out and about. But, when they look this good, it’s hard not to give them a go. Plus, it just means all the crap you carry around that deep down you know you don’t really need but hey, you might need it in some obscure eventuality, you can palm off onto your boyfriend for once, instead of them giving everything to you with “oh just put this in your handbag!”…Not this time honey.




Microbags were all over the SS17 catwalks and for me, spring/summer is the best time to try out the completely impractical, undeniably **fashurnn** trend, as you don’t have to worry quite so much about packing a scarf, hat, umbrella, gloves, etc, etc. ALTHOUGH, living in England means you might want to take that optimism with a pinch of salt.



I got my hands on this Aspinal of London teeny tiny box-bag just in time for the sun to start making it’s regular appearances. I am very fortunate to have a Grandma who likes has expensive taste and a habit of hoarding bags before unburdening them onto my Dad to disperse between myself and my Mum. While my Mum may have appreciated a more understated shade, I was all for this hot pink microbag and quickly snatched it for my own collection; winner! The shade of neon pink is so fantastically absurd that it really makes a statement, especially in the sun. Yet another reason I am all for this microbag trend, further than just cutting the clutter, when something in so small and delicate in size and shape, you can go ALL OUT with the shade, details, patterning and so on. The gold hardware looks so striking against the girly colour and really adds an edginess to this pink festival thrown over my shoulder. Detailing such as the gold hardware loop braiding on the strap and the cute and dainty Aspinal padlock on the zip fastening adds the special touches to an otherwise block colour bag.


The great thing about the microbags trend is that it really is all in the detail. They’re not meant to be practical, or boring, or even an ‘every-day’ bag. They’re completely unique and as long as we’re careful not to tread into the ridiculous territory (I mean seriously, some of them wouldn’t even fit your phone in!), then it’s a way to make a statement and keep your outfit fresh and fun.


Bar the completely useless microANDIMEANMICRO!bags, there were some great bags swinging down the SS17 runways at the end of 2016, and now I have found the joy of wearing this loud, obnoxious little Aspinal devil over my shoulder, I am finding myself looking back through the shows and picking out some more inspiration to take my accessories game to a new level this spring.

Fendi SS17:

fendi ss17

Chanel SS17:

chanel ss17

Valentino SS17:

Christian Dior show, Backstage, Spring Summer 2017, Paris Fashion Week, France - 30 Sep 2016

And as you can probably tell from my eye-makeup and my t-shirt, to the railings, to the graffiti, the Aspinal micro-bag got me completely obsessed with pink, sorry not sorry 🙂



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