Trend Chat: Pin down Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu dupes & Puffball sleeves!


I don’t like to always be a slave to fashion trends and feel the pressure to update my wardrobe constantly just because trends say I’m not keeping up. With that being said, once in a while along comes a fair few trends I am so very keen to wear and so I bung them all together in one outfit and this is what comes out: something sassy, bold and “trendy AF!” 😉

Vivienne Westwood Pin Set:


In February I took a trip up to Manchester as a birthday treat and it just so happened there was a Vivienne Westwood store directly opposite our hotel – dangerous! In I went to nose around all the things I wish could afford and definitely cannot afford, but I did leave swinging a rather swanky Vivienne Westwood bag around my arm and down into Manchester City Centre. It was a day well started and it was also money well spent because I picked up the brand new pin collection which features 5 of the cutest, coolest badge pins ever, three of which are featured in my outfit here. I’ve never really been into collecting, I never chose to collect something as a child, though I did often snoop through my brother’s collection of choice – key rings. But, if I could collect pins and badges that were only as a luxurious as these then I damn well would. Badges, pins, and over accessorising in general is most definitely in(!!) right now and I love the way they can add a special lil’ summin’ summin’ to basic jackets, jumpers, t-shirts, bags, etc etc you get my gist!

Zara Miu Miu Dupes:


They’re everywhere. The infamous Miu Miu ballet pumps with the black and gingham criss-cross ribbons have reached peak Gucci loafer level of hype, and are being redone for the high-street everywhere. This is the kind of fanatical hype surrounding a trend that usually makes me go “ugh” and as much as I might like the original product I just don’t want to be a sheep and follow the crowd. But, as explained in my lil’ intro this post, sometimes I just can’t help it and these shoes are the product of a weak moment at 1am on the Zara website when I thought “well these satisfy my Miu Miu cravings but they’re aren’t a blatant rip off you’ll see everyone in and LOOK they’re pretty badass!” They arrived and I fell in love. I think you can always rely on Zara for luxurious and unique pieces for a tiny fraction of the price you’d be willing to buy if you wanted to be flash the   cash (just as you can always rely on them to have snooty employees, just sayin’…) All the core factors are there – the prim ballet pump style of shoes, the delicate detailing and the criss-cross ankle straps. Yet, these Zara shoes add a new flavour to the trend, with satin bow detailing that is far more obnoxious (a.k.a. right up my street) than it’s high-street dupe sisters, and the leather studded criss-cross straps add the badass edge that is actually featured alongside ribbons in the Miu Miu pair that you can see hereYes, I’ll admit it, I would trade these in a heartbeat for the Miu Miu’s, but who wouldn’t?! But I will also declare that I damn well love these shoes and considering I don’t **yet** have a spare 500-odd-£ for the real deal, I’m perfectly happy prancing around in these beautiful babies!

Zara Puff-ball Sleeves:



When it comes to fashion, exaggeration is always good in my book so I couldn’t stop myself from getting on board with the exaggerated sleeves trend this spring/summer season. The trend has been well-and-truly nailed and I love it all;  from ruffles, to capes, to flares to what we have here: the puff-ball. As well as the Miu-Miu dupes, Zara also graced my post delivery with this amazing cropped jumper featuring puff-ball sleeves and a striped glitter slogan. I love how dramatic something so casual as a relaxed fit cropped jumper can look and feel when you combine huge puff-ball sleeves, making a really cool silhouette, and a glitter slogan that demands attention. Also, pretty cool that this jumper just begs me to embrace my inner wonder-woman-esque super hero, eh!



So, that’s me, someone who likes to ignore trends and just go with what I want to wear, wearing three of this season’s biggest trends…isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

HA! Well anyways, have you been a magpie for any of these trends I’ve chatted my way through? Or are there any other of this season’s trends you just can’t get enough of? I’d love to find out!! 🙂



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