Styling Up Fancy Sneakers from Day to Night


Sometimes its hard to tow the line between smart and casual. I’m not really much of a heels girl, and much prefer to find new ways to style up trainers and flats, but sometimes even that just doesn’t cut it. There are only so many ways you can style up a pair of Vans, of Supras, of Adidas Superstars or Nike Air Force. Eventually, you run out of options, particularly when styling them up for an evening look; that’s where you can really run out of steam. BUT, recently I’ve been loving the high-street offerings of what I can only describe as “fancy sneakers” – trainers that still have that special detailing, pattern or fabric that can actually work with an evening outfit to add a cool and understated edge but not detract from the look and make it appear too casual or lazy.


I was actually perusing New Look’s footwear section in store for a pair of heels – a footwear choice I am definitely not used to browsing for all too often – when I spotted these incredible brocade floral trainers and once I had ran over and picked them up, I just couldn’t put them down. They’re incredibly comfortable – as trainers should be, and durable but also have a hugely intricate print and have a brocade fabric overlay that adds that evening-wear sheen, and lastly; while keeping it casual with the rubber flatform sole, they do wear fantastically and give you the lift you’re looking for.


Since buying them almost a month ago I’ve worn them in so many different ways but really loved styling them in three particular ways. First in line was this look that I put together for a casual evening having cocktails in a cool but not too swanky bar. The shoes pick out the muted salmon pink of the Zara faux leather mini skirt while still upping the vibrance anti. Again, letting the shoes do all the talking but picking out details to pull the look together, I pinched the gold accents and featured them in an oldie-but-goodie simple white tee. I love the tongue in cheek gold foil featured in this Criminal Damage tee that plays on the Givenchy logo and designer moniker with the statement “give into me”.



This style-up of the New Look trainers hits the middle ground of my favourite ways to style them, grazing the line between cool and casual and the fancy-schmancy ready for a night out vibes. The two other extremes of the spectrum have included me styling them with a really simple dusty rose coloured ribbed midi-dress and minimalistic accessories for a sunny day shopping and catching up with friends over coffee. OR go all out and play right into the loud, vivaciousness of these shoes. To do this, I really made a statement and rocked a slogan tee, a mini skirt and then my extra-bold floral suit blazer (featured in a post here) to clash against the floral of the shoes – definitely not an outfit for the fainthearted but I bloody well loved it!!


Since buying these floral beauties I’ve noticed that New Look now stock both a rucksack and clutch bag to match these trainers which just proves the versatility and ability to take these trainers from day to night. From now on, as much as I love my streetwear shoes, I will be championing trainers that give even more options, and investing in more like these (as well as maybe those matching bags, oops…)

Outfit Links:

Shoes: New Look – mine can only be found in store, but another colour of the same shoe can be found here. // Skirt: Zara here// Top: Criminal Damage old.



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