Up a notch with Nike Cortez


Sometimes, retro is just what you need to put you in a good mood and the retro vibes of Nike Cortez are sure to put a spring in you step. But, you can take it up a notch with going beyond the usual retro colour ways and primary colours, instead why not embrace a bold, one colour design? I saw these Cortez on sale in office (still available here, with plenty of other metallic colours, so be quick) and knew they’d be perfect for that transition from Spring into Summer. I took these babies out on their first venture when the weather was both typically British and typically April, so I’m talking bright sunshine and then showers and even hailstones 20 mins later, before more sunshine, and you get the idea… In the gloom of showers these Cortez were a great pop of colour and really stood out while still seeming somewhat understated with the simple block colour design but when the sun came out it was a whole other story and the metallic finish began to gleam and reflect light like nothing else.


My new Nike Cortez, as you can see, got me feeling some type of way about green and the endless possibility of shades. Ocean green, jade green, blue-green, army green…I’m wearing it all. Sometimes, you don’t need the outfit to feature prints or clashing craziness. Instead those that are carefully curated to drive interest through each individual slightly differently shaded item but sync together with that common colour thread, are the most interesting.


It tends to all start with one piece and after seeing these trainers in Office’s shop window actually quite a few weeks ago, I then found myself seeing these glorious green shades everywhere I looked. So, I picked up this jade green Men’s T-shirt in Primark (Menswear is definitely a reliable hotspot for retro qualities right now) and soon after I couldn’t resist these blue-green reflective aviators from Flying Tiger Copenhagen (I can’t be the only one to find it impossible to leave that store empty handed!!) After finally succumbing to the Cortez, granted after nabbing a pretty phenomenal deal in the sale, I realised I already had a whole look waiting for me.


It’s not often this happens, usually I can’t resist buying an item I’ve completely fallen in love for but then get so frustrated with my maximalist-clash-clash-crazy-crazy wardrobe when I realise nothing goes and I have to buy even more things just to put together one kickass outfit. By taking your bold, block colour pieces up a notch, the panic is over. I know these babies can clash with other block colours, tone down prints or make another appearance with this all-green ensemble! Win win!!


Now, which colour next!? Ahh the possibilities…


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