Centre Stage Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 ’07

These kicks pack a punch. There's no denying that. In a wardrobe filled with colours and clashes, I know I can rely on one thing - my shoes must take centre stage! I have come to the conclusion that no matter how many people look me up and down because I'm wearing a bold, weird … Continue reading Centre Stage Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 ’07

2016 – A Moment a Month

Happy New Year!! 2016 wasn't great, I think the universe kind of decided that for us. But, I do think now we are welcoming 2017 it's important to look back in review of the last year and pick out moments that we really appreciated, reminding us to not put too much pressure on the next year … Continue reading 2016 – A Moment a Month

The Styling Timberland Series: Part 2 – Tough Tartan

Oh it's been a while. (FYI: I've been waiting on getting a new look for zee blog which will hopefully be up soon, yay!) Buuuuut...I am glad it got a little more spring-like in time for for me to do my second instalment of the Timberland Styling series (you can find the first post here) so … Continue reading The Styling Timberland Series: Part 2 – Tough Tartan

Saviour Prep for Evenings Out

Hi Guys! I've realised that when I am getting ready for an evening out I take more time prepping and really enjoy this pamper time (sometimes more than the actual event!!) and so only bring out the products I really love. Day-to-day I may flit between these products and others but these are the ones … Continue reading Saviour Prep for Evenings Out

The outfit my dreams are made of…

DREAM COAT ALERT! anddddd DREAM SHIRT ALERT! oh andddddd DREAM JEANS ALERT! I'm having a dream outfit moment! I picked up this amazingly colourful Warehouse printed shirt in the Debenhams boxing day sales, along with this snazzy and sophist' dress I blogged here, and boy is it a winner. Not only is it super comfy … Continue reading The outfit my dreams are made of…