Do What Suits You

This is a bold outfit. There's no mistaking; the ASOS 'Floral Vintage Jacquard' suit is bold. I love bold outfits, but even for me, this was a risk. Maybe that's why I chose to shoot it in a photo shoot setting as opposed to street style with eyes on me and curled lips expressing "that's … Continue reading Do What Suits You

Extrovert Dressing for an Introvert

When your an extrovert, out-there dresser but otherwise rather introverted, there are a few things that go through your head when putting together an outfit... OMG, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. But shouldn’t it be on someone else, not me? Will everyone stare because I’ve just got this totally wrong? All these accessories? Too Much? How … Continue reading Extrovert Dressing for an Introvert

Winter Pales

Finally, some sun! I've been waiting for some gloriously fresh winter sun to debut this outfit and finally the day came, hurrah! I recently bought this Monki denim trench coat from ASOS (now half price!!) because quite frankly, how could I not! The tie waist and big lapels are great finishing touches to quite an … Continue reading Winter Pales