NYFW & LFW: Roundup

Finally! After my laptop decided to give up the ghost on me a couple of weeks ago, I managed to have it brought back to life just long enough to see me through to write this before I get my hands on a new one. And just in time, as I can now round up … Continue reading NYFW & LFW: Roundup

PFW Roundup

This week fashion month came to an end, culminating in couture fashion capital Paris. You can find my roundup's of NYFW, LFW and MFW lurking around here, here and here, but for now I leave SS17 fashion month behind with my favourites from Paris. (and of course - click to enlarge photos throughout!) Giambattista Valli: … Continue reading PFW Roundup

Treat Yo’self Grl!:21st Birthday Designer Wishlist

Now, my 21st Birthday isn't until February 2016 so this is a couple of months early but considering the weather has been so drab and rubbish for the past week or so (meaning I have 3 outfits waiting around to be blogged) I thought this was the perfect opportunity to search the designer corners of … Continue reading Treat Yo’self Grl!:21st Birthday Designer Wishlist