Trend Chat: Pin down Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu dupes & Puffball sleeves!

I don't like to always be a slave to fashion trends and feel the pressure to update my wardrobe constantly just because trends say I'm not keeping up. With that being said, once in a while along comes a fair few trends I am so very keen to wear and so I bung them all … Continue reading Trend Chat: Pin down Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu dupes & Puffball sleeves!

MFW & PFW: Roundup

After putting together a collection of reviews from this season's New York and London fashion weeks (which you can find here), I thought I'd seen the best I was going to see. A lot of shows really blew me away - as much as they can when amazement and joy is tinged with a "but why … Continue reading MFW & PFW: Roundup

NYFW & LFW: Roundup

Finally! After my laptop decided to give up the ghost on me a couple of weeks ago, I managed to have it brought back to life just long enough to see me through to write this before I get my hands on a new one. And just in time, as I can now round up … Continue reading NYFW & LFW: Roundup

Winter Florals

Just a quick outfit styling post coming your way today, dressing this floral number past summer, into the cold. After eyeing it up on the Debenhams website, but never finding it in store to try on, I finally nabbed this Warehouse dress in the summer sale a few months ago and I’m so glad I … Continue reading Winter Florals

PFW Roundup

This week fashion month came to an end, culminating in couture fashion capital Paris. You can find my roundup's of NYFW, LFW and MFW lurking around here, here and here, but for now I leave SS17 fashion month behind with my favourites from Paris. (and of course - click to enlarge photos throughout!) Giambattista Valli: … Continue reading PFW Roundup

MFW Roundup

I cannot believe we are already in full swing of Paris Fashion Week, but just as with LFW (find here) and NYFW (find here), I couldn't let Milan slip away before reliving with you my favourite shows that have been and gone. As always - click the photos to enlarge throughout. Gucci: Gucci seems more … Continue reading MFW Roundup

Extrovert Dressing for an Introvert

When your an extrovert, out-there dresser but otherwise rather introverted, there are a few things that go through your head when putting together an outfit... OMG, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. But shouldn’t it be on someone else, not me? Will everyone stare because I’ve just got this totally wrong? All these accessories? Too Much? How … Continue reading Extrovert Dressing for an Introvert

The Styling Timberland Series: Part 2 – Tough Tartan

Oh it's been a while. (FYI: I've been waiting on getting a new look for zee blog which will hopefully be up soon, yay!) Buuuuut...I am glad it got a little more spring-like in time for for me to do my second instalment of the Timberland Styling series (you can find the first post here) so … Continue reading The Styling Timberland Series: Part 2 – Tough Tartan

The Styling Timberlands Series: Part 1

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday and decided that with some of the money I was kindly gifted, I would invest in some of the always classic Timberland boots. I've always loved Timberland, from their staple boot lines to their shirts and bags, however I haven't had a pair of their boots since I was … Continue reading The Styling Timberlands Series: Part 1