Trend Chat: Pin down Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu dupes & Puffball sleeves!

I don't like to always be a slave to fashion trends and feel the pressure to update my wardrobe constantly just because trends say I'm not keeping up. With that being said, once in a while along comes a fair few trends I am so very keen to wear and so I bung them all … Continue reading Trend Chat: Pin down Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu dupes & Puffball sleeves!

Trend Chat: Microbags

Microbags should be a bugbear for me, as someone that likes to know I have everything I could possibly need while out and about. But, when they look this good, it's hard not to give them a go. Plus, it just means all the crap you carry around that deep down you know you don't really need but hey, … Continue reading Trend Chat: Microbags

Making the most of the Men’s section

Fashion is expensive, I think we all know that by now. With that in mind, it's important to get the most out of your wardrobe, but if like me you aren't into minimalism which can then allow you to pick a whole wardrobe of basics that can be worn in numerous different ways, you're going … Continue reading Making the most of the Men’s section

Centre Stage Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 ’07

These kicks pack a punch. There's no denying that. In a wardrobe filled with colours and clashes, I know I can rely on one thing - my shoes must take centre stage! I have come to the conclusion that no matter how many people look me up and down because I'm wearing a bold, weird … Continue reading Centre Stage Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 ’07

Topshop head-to-toe for Christmas

Making a statement for the Christmas season. Less than 10 days until Christmas, WHAT?! How is that even possible? It’s come around so quickly, but I am anything but complaining because I love this time of year. I’m certainly not one for scorching in summer heat donning itsy-bitsy shorts. I will always sway (probably in … Continue reading Topshop head-to-toe for Christmas

Party 24/7

Making party-wear last; making party-wear work for day-time; making party-wear worth it. I've long come to accept the fact that I am not a party girl. I'm not the kind of girl to be going out every weekend, because YOLO (is YOLO still what the kids say? no probably not.) Instead, you will probably find me tea … Continue reading Party 24/7

A new Catch The Chlomeleon and a little about me…

Happy Tuesday! I thought to overcome Tuesday blues - I feel like getting through Mondays should be rewarded by getting to skip to at least Thursday - I would shake things up on Catch The Chlomeleon and finally put up my new logo and layout. I am really excited about a refresh for my blog … Continue reading A new Catch The Chlomeleon and a little about me…

Blush Pink Badass

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had these blush pink leather look trousers in my wardrobe for quite some time… I tried to bring them out in the warmer months but leather and sun do not strictly have a great relationship and I ended up squeaking down the street – très chic... (as always, click on … Continue reading Blush Pink Badass

Puma x McQ

I'd like you to meet my pride and joy - my new Puma x McQ babies! As a recent celebration of my first proper pay-cheque I decided to treat my feet to some amazing trainers. I knew I wouldn't want to be spending an absolute bomb and I'm determined to save up as much money … Continue reading Puma x McQ

Winter Florals

Just a quick outfit styling post coming your way today, dressing this floral number past summer, into the cold. After eyeing it up on the Debenhams website, but never finding it in store to try on, I finally nabbed this Warehouse dress in the summer sale a few months ago and I’m so glad I … Continue reading Winter Florals